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  • Omicron Variant: What It Means To Investors?

    Since the Omicron variant was cited last Friday by the World Health Organization as a "virus of concern," stock prices for the last three stock-trading days have gyrated.


  • Special Report: Long-Term U.S. Equity Investments And Demographics

    Population trends of the United States versus other countries rarely make headlines in the financial press, but a population bust has been in the news this week.


  • Things Really Are Different This Time.

    Since 1957, a 64-year span of modern history, 21 financial crises are shown here. Charting them against the performance of the Standard & Poor's 500 index, the key benchmark of the strength of the United States, puts current investment conditions in perspective.


  • Is A Market Melt-Up Under Way?

    Earnings drive stock prices. Lately, however, earnings have been driving stock prices to record-breaking prices and, with the fourth quarter economic growth rate about to more than double, stock prices could be lifted higher still.


  • An In-Depth Report For Investors On Key Economic Fundamentals

    Supply chain problems, often cited in the media as the main cause of inflation, are expected to diminish greatly by the end of the year. The high inflation rate on goods is expected to revert to the normal 2% rate experienced for the decade preceding the pandemic by the end of 2022, and prices on some goods may even be rolled back to pre-pandemic levels. For example, lumber prices at Home Depot soared in the Spring of 2021 but reverted to pre-pandemic levels by early Fall.


  • What Secret Of Investing Is Revealed In This Picture?

    Is the man on the ladder going up or down? The answer depends on your perspective.


  • What Drives Stock Prices?

    The growth of the economy drives investment returns, and plain and simple, corporate profits—that is, earnings—drive stock prices. Without an understanding of what drives stock prices, investors are often fearful when stock prices plunge or, ironically, when they are breaking record highs. Here’s some help.


  • Reason No. 7 To Hire A Financial Professional: Rebalancing

    There are many reasons why professional advice may be best for managing your financial situation. Here's the No. 7 reason.


  • A Framework For Investing For Life

    Modern Portfolio Theory, or MPT, is a framework for investing. It provides part of the intellectual underpinning of our firm's approach to managing investments. So, it is important to explain it periodically.


  • While Congress Must Deal With Debt Ceiling, Leading Economic Indicators Are At A Record High

    The Standard & Poor's stock index dropped 2% yesterday and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, testifying before the Senate Banking Committee, warned of "catastrophic" consequences if Congress failed to come to an agreement on the debt ceiling by October 18. Meanwhile, a showdown is looming in Congress over raising the United States government's debt limit and how much to spend to improve the nation's infrastructure, as well as the size of the budget for the approaching fiscal year ending September 30, 2022.


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