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  • How Worldwide Demographics Affect Your Portfolio

    While China, Japan, Germany, and other major economies are grappling with a decline in their working-age population in the decades ahead, the U.S. working-age population is expected to grow. Since growth in the size of the labor force is one of the two determinants in economic growth, it's a key fundamental factor that will shape the future of financial markets. This is a key fundamental affecting long-term personal financial plans. It's important and it has practical consequences on retirement portfolios.


  • Financial Lifeboat Drill For Mustering In Emergencies

    Put yourself through this brief lifeboat drill, to prepare for things suddenly going wrong. Everything may be fine right now, in the eleventh year of the economic expansion. That's a sensible time to test your ability to muster the resources to respond to a range of emergency scenarios.


  • Hiddenomics™ Challenge: Find The Leading Economic Indicators

    The leading economic indicators (LEI) are part of this picture, but this quiz will help you see the forest for trees. Just like this picture of change, the economic picture is always changing right in front of us, making it hard to see even the most obvious trends unfolding in front of us.


  • 20-Second Year-End Tax Planning Quiz For Pre-Retirees

    If you're in your 50s or 60s and own an interest in a business or professional corporation, knowing the answers to these four questions can lower your 2019 federal tax bill sharply, while jumpstarting a tax-advantaged retirement income plan.


  • Last Chance In 2019 For Pre-Retired Professionals & Biz Owners

    Doctors, dentists and business owners with more than $321,400 of 2019 adjusted gross income have one last chance not to pass up on this tax and retirement planning opportunity.


  • The Fed Just Cut Rates Again; What's It Mean To You?

    The Fed cut rates again on October 30th, for the third time in 2019. What's it mean to your long-term financial plan?


  • Fed Actions Are Driving Markets

    It's notable that the stock market in 2019 has not suffered a 10% correction on worries about the China trade confrontation, the manufacturing slump or concerns about the U.S. political situation - three bad-news narratives currently haunting markets.


  • Navigating Required Minimum Distributions

    When you are halfway through your 70th year on the planet, U.S. law says you must start taking money out of IRAs, SEPs and SIMPLE plans, as well as 401(k), 403(b) and other U.S. Government qualified retirement plans. Only a Roth IRA account, which you fund with after-tax dollars, is exempt from federally-required minimum distributions (RMDs).


  • Four Retirement Income Withdrawal Methods

    How much should you withdraw from your tax-deferred 401(k) or IRA, and in what form? Here's a brief summary of four retirement income withdrawal methods to help you optimize the decumulation of your retirement income portfolio prudently.


  • Education Tax Credits Primer

    The American Opportunity Credit (for college students) and the Lifetime Learning Credit - for undergrad, graduate and vocational students - are the two education tax credits available from the federal government. Students can claim either of the two credits for schooling costs, or their parents can - provided they don't opt for married filing separately.


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