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  • Protect Yourself Against Spearphishing
    Even The New York Times Gets Investment Facts Wrong Sometimes
    First Half Of 2018 Stock Investing Highlights
    Qualifying For The New Business Owner Tax Break
    Signal To Noise Ratio Of U S Economy Is An Anomaly
    Father's Day Financial Tip Put Your Kids To Work
    Is Economic Growth Sustainable
    The New Math Of Renting Out A Property
    Fed Shatters Conventional Economic Wisdom
    Four New Signs Point To Economic Strength
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    CNN, CNBC, And WSJ Mislead Investors
    10 Years Of Financial History And The Current Outlook
    Lost In The Wild Headlines A U S Economic Boom
    Facts About The Recent Volatility And Fears Of A Trade War
    Tax Deduction Changes
    Trade War, Resignations, And Scandal Overshadow Rise In Leading Indicators
    Major Changes To Estate Tax
    Stocks Surge As Tariff Fears Subside And New Jobs Surge
    The Economic News That Did Not Make Headlines This Week
    Will Rising Bond Yields Be Bad For Stocks
    Stock Market Is Unfazed By Russia Indictment, Displaying What Makes America Great
    Key Facts In Volatile Times
    If You Had The Power Of Perfect Knowledge
    Accelerating Earnings, Surging World Growth, And Stocks Break A Record Again
    Keeping 'Em Honest Wall Street's Track Record Is Not Good
    Maybe The Best Economic Conditions In Modern U S History
    A Vivid Illustration Of How Portfolio Theory Worked In The Real World Of 2017
    2017 Ends With Big Stock Returns
    President Signs Historic Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
    Looking Back At A Very Eventful Year
    Tax Bill Drives Another Stock Market Record And Gives You To Dos By Year End
    An Eventful Week In Wealth Management
    Leading Economic Indicators Surge, Stocks Break Record High Again
    Poo Poohed By Politicians And Pundits, The U S Economy Is Booming
    The No 1 Fake News Story Of The Year Affecting Your Wealth
    A Week Of Major News Affecting Your Money
    U S GDP Growth Surprise Propels Stocks To New Record
    Why Does The Standard And Poor's 500 Keep Breaking Records
    U.S. Stocks Nearly Doubled In The Last Five Years
    Despite Information Explosion, Inflation Confounds The Fed And Financial Press
    Trump Tax Plan Upends Year-End Tax Planning
    Trump Plans Massive $1.5 Trillion Tax Reform
    Year-End Tax Planning Could End With A Thrill This Year
    This Week's News About Wealth Management
    The Good News The Financial Press Keeps Missing
    Despite A Chorus Of Bears, The Bulls Played On
    Stocks Dropped For Second Straight Week Amid Strengthening Economic Reports
    Despite Wall Street Guru's Terrible Advice A Year Ago, he's back

Our Services

Serious About Investing? So Are We.

“Intellectual integrity: the ability to view the world as it is, not as we would like it
to be.”
– Peter Drucker

Investing is serious business—especially when it comes to your serious money. Overreaction, hesitation and inaction can lead to poor results. That’s why you seek a capable, professional investment advisor.

At Callahan Capital Management, we strive to develop strategies recognizing your financial needs, goals, and tolerance for risk. We help you make sense of the financial markets. Our day-to-day management of your assets gives you time to enjoy life.

Our Investment Philosophies

  • Superior returns result from long-term strategy.
  • Market timing is not an investment strategy; stay invested for the long run.
  • Performance should be compared to meaningful benchmarks, and should be reported quarterly net of fees and expenses.
  • Investor risk tolerance should be identified, then regularly re-evaluated relative to market volatility.
  • Tax efficiency is critical in the management of taxable accounts.

Our Investment Process

We know that you are the “chairman of the board” when it comes to your investments. We serve as your CFO. Our investment management reflects your unique needs and expectations.

    We begin the process by learning all we can about you, your family, and your goals. We explain our three investment approaches—conservative, moderate and aggressive. Then we review the risks and rewards for you. We may also conduct a retirement plan analysis. We believe that your greatest risk is outliving your money.
    Once we know your preferences, we invest your money in either a diversified noload mutual fund portfolio or a separately managed account. We have access to money managers who specialize in tax-efficient investing and improving aftertax returns. We screen every fund and manager we present. We take full discretion, but we make changes in your portfolio only if necessary. We work on a fee basis; you pay no commissions and no entry or exit fees on your mutual funds.
    Communication is critical to effective portfolio management. When you call us, we can calculate your exact performance for any time frame. Our quarterly performance reports detail your rate of return—net of fees and expenses—for the quarter, yearto-date, rolling 12 months and since inception. Our quarterly newsletter and audiotapes offer you information and insight. We continually adjust the cost basis of funds and provide capital gain and loss reports if needed. Once a year, we meet with you to review and reassess your needs. We are always accessible.

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    America's builders have responded cautiously to higher house prices, at least so far. What's next?

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