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  • What The Federal Reserve Decided Today

    Federal Reserve policymakers voted to keep lending rates unchanged but suggested one more rate hike might be implemented before the end of 2023.


  • Five Tips For Grandparents Caring For Infants

    Grandparenting is more important than ever. It’s also much harder to do than a generation ago. This is the second in a series on grandparenting.


  • Medicare Spending Threat Receded But The Practical Impact On Tax Planning Is Limited

    Medicare is not driving the nation off a fiscal cliff, according to an analysis by The New York Times (NYT). Contrary to projections by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the nation’s nonpartisan budget research agency, The Times says the huge threat to the U.S. budget posed by Medicare spending has receded.


  • What To Know About Converting To Roth IRAs

    The Federal debt is projected to increase to 110% of the size of the economy in 2032 — higher than it’s ever been. In the following two decades through 2052, growing deficits are projected to push the federal debt much higher still, to nearly twice the size of gross domestic product. Based on these projections from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, it’s fair to say the interest owed on the federal debt skyrockets and becomes unsustainable by 2052.


  • 2023 Year-End Tax Planning, Part 1

    Year-end tax planning in 2023 can make a big financial difference in retirement funding and how much you leave your heirs. Here are some tips, situations, and useful ideas written by a real human with decades of experience in year-end tax planning maneuvers.


  • A $5 Million Nest Egg Does Not Buy A Fulfilling Retirement

    The law of the hammer is a cognitive bias to treat every problem as if it’s a nail. People do it with money. As financial professionals, however, we want to be clear that money won’t buy you a fulfilling retirement.


  • Defining And Achieving What Floats Your Boat

    Clients come to us for technical financial and tax advice. Surprisingly, helping them define and achieve NON-financial goals is what often makes their lives more fulfilling.


  • The Silver Linings Playbook For Cryptocurrency Losses

    Crypto investors have an unusually good opportunity to harvest their tax losses by the end of 2023.


  • Test Your Investment IQ

    The five questions below are a challenge and an effort to allow you to assess your knowledge of current financial economic conditions. If you have been following our news stream, this quiz draws on familiar ground. The answers are below, along with additional resources and documentation related to the answers.


  • Consensus Forecast Of Economists Improved Significantly In Past Three Months

    The newly released quarterly consensus forecast of 60 leading economists by The Wall Street Journal brightened from three months ago. As always happens when a bull market begins, what most people expect -- the consensus forecast -- is wrong. Bull markets always climb a wall of worry. They happen in plain sight and defy forecasts. It’s as confounding as it is paradoxical.


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